Clubpenguin Walkthrough

July 31, 2009


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I am supporting my own Game in the making POKEMON LEGEND 😛 looking for Team members on pokecommunity


Banner In Making


July 30, 2009

End Of Color Vote.

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Today the color vote ended and so does updates for a day :D.

Tomorow I will be updating For The new pin.

July 24, 2009

The End Of Music Jam 09′

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Well as  Music Jame 09′ dies down the musicians don’t cause year round stages are still open whether it be at the Pizza Parlor or Some ones igloo you can still find a video or 100 of people singing along to songs on youtube (LOL).

Also today you can vote for a new color (pick aqua please) the toll booth is in the forest

new color   07 24 09

July 23, 2009

Spread The Word

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Currently We are a little site with 4-10 views a week so those few of you that have friends who play club penguin Spread the word, tell them what they are missing and where they can get a frequently updated walkthrough area.


July 22, 2009


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Alot Of New stuff is in on Club Penguin Now, Here’s a list.

1.) Music Jam 09

2.)New Pin

3.)New Catalogs

4.)Another Admin To The Team 😀

Ill Be giving off pictures and info in that order.


Well so far its been a blast with all the fun games and all Heres a few things.



Event 07 22 09


event 2    07 22 09


event 3    07 22 09

FREE  STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Event 4    07 22 09

Moving on from games there are some awesome stages including the orca straw.

Orca Straw

Event 5   07 22 09

The Western Theme

Event 6   07 22 09

And so many more!!! There is an all access pass for the Members :D, Lucky I don’t have membership… yet.

The New Pin.

So easy that I missed 3 times

CP Pin 07 21 09

Now For The Updates on the catalogs


giftshop catalog  1     07 22 09

2.) Click on the piano Peice 4x’s

giftshop catalog 2    07 22 09

3.)  Click on the seashell

Giftshop catalog 3   07 22 09


Giftshop catalog 4    07 22 09

Wooh that took a while to figure out.

The New Admin Member To The Team .)



July 11, 2009

The First post 7/11/09

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Today I am starting a new clubpenguin Find it here post to replace which for some reason was deleted. So here I am starting a day late on everything but shall post anyway.

First things first The pin you can only get it till JULY 17th.

After two days of looking I found it even though it was obviouse (i just forgot to look there)

CP Pin 07 11 09

Now For The Cattalog stuff

Gift Shop

#1 The Crystal Rod/staf

Click On the Penguins word.Cp Gift Shop Catalog extra items 1  07 11 09

Gift Shop #2

Blue Dragon costume

Click on the shadow.

CP Gift shop Catalog Extra items 2   07 11 09

Sports Shop


Green Soccer Jersey

Cp Sports Shop Catalog Extra items 1   07 11 09

Puffle Toys/Houses Catalog

#1 Grey House

Click On the word puffle

Cp Puffle Toys houses Catalog 1   07 11 09

Thats About it Ill update for the new pin and catalogs as soon as I have access to my computer again also heres my to do list

[color=green] MY TO DO LIST [/color]

1. Update for next catalogs/pins

2. Get Videos made for the missions/ becoming a tour guide/ becoming a Spy agent

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